How to lace your pumps
How to lace your ghillies

Lacing your ghillies
How to lace up your new ghillies

How to tie your ghillies

Tying up your ghillies can be tricky if you have never seen it done before. Here is a step by step guide to give those struggling a helping hand!

1. Start at the loop at the front of the pump and thread the lace through so there is an equal amount of lace on each side of the loop.

2. Take one end of the lace and start threading it through as shown in the diagram. Donít forget the elastic loop under the ankle (not on all types of pumps)!

3. Take the other end of the lace and repeat the process, threading it through as shown.

4. Thread the end of each lace through the loop at the back of the pump.

5. Remember to slacken all the laces before putting the pump on.

6. Once on the foot, tighten all the laces, starting with the laces at the toe end of the pump.

7. Different dancers have different ways of using up the left over lace. One approach is to wrap the laces around you shin in a criss-cross fashion, tying the final bit of lace in a small bow at the front of the leg. Another approach is to wrap the extra laces around the pump at the arch and tie on top. This second approach is not recommended as it restricts the shape of the foot and can damage the foot in the long term.

8. Finally and most important is that the lace needs to be replaced with elastic (about the same length as the laces) laced up the same as above and the two ends tied together in a knot. Then the shoe can be put on and tighten up and the extra elastic can be rapped around the ankle. This makes putting the shoes on faster and no need for parents to tie the shoe and importantly the shoes do not come untied during dance.